Pet Adoptions Online

Alex Pacheco co-founded, which is ranked in the top 3 in its field world wide.

He co-produced this free, nationwide, pet adoption service that allows the public to search for up to 30,000 animals by age, size, breed, location, and more, and find targeted animals/pets who are available for adoption from thousands of dog pounds, humane societies, animal rescue groups, and shelters.

He has structured and led the business to expand from 0 animal/pet adoptions per year to over 7,000 adoptions/pets saved per year. He produced strategic planning that grew the number of company website page visits from 0 per year to 81,000,000 per year and the successful recruitment of approximately 3,000 businesses to participate in the company's expansion program. He played a leadership role in creating a business plan that increased the number of website visitors from 0 per year to over 7,000,000 unique visitors per year.

Pacheco co-founded a nonprofit IRS tax exempt business that is extremely successful in its specialty, which is intercepting people on their way to buy pets at pet shops and convincing them to instead adopt and save homeless animals through this free service.

This company, created by Pacheco, is a company name that . . .

  • is the company's toll free phone number.
  • is the company's website name.
  • is the company's legal name all in one.
  • a company publicly supported by celebrities such as Kelsey Grammar, Drew Barrymore, and others.