Pacheco has managed criminal and civil attorneys in many lawsuits in many courts nationwide.

  • Hawaii to Boston
  • L.A. to Florida
  • Michigan to New Orleans 
  • Washington D.C. to Texas 
  • Maryland to Reno to Virginia
  • Pennsylvania to Las Vegas 
  • up to and including the U.S. Supreme Court -- twice.  

For twenty years, Pacheco has had experience in closely directing and scrutinizing many attorneys, many briefs, their legal strategies, motions and pleadings, making sure everything is timely filed and that grounds for appeal are not lost, and more.


He has managed and directed litigation in the:

  • Federal Courts
  • State Courts
  • District Courts
  • Circuit Courts
  • Appellate Courts
  • Superior Courts


Pacheco has served many times as plaintiff, defendant, appellant, and respondent. He has effectively directed the litigation of multiple lawsuits in multiple jurisdictions simultaneously. At the same time, he has handled multiple, sensitive, high level attorneys from Texas' Race Horse Haines to D.C.'s Democratic Party's Abbe Lowell.

Pacheco has the ability to go out and raise the significant sums of money needed to pay for everything from costly, expedited trial transcripts and multiple law firms to flying multiple lawyers across the country. He is experienced at directing real estate attorneys, brokers, agents, mortgage specialists, and other real estate investment industry specialists.


Pacheco successfully fought off a personal audit and a business audit by the IRS, audits which the IRS later admitted were politically instigated.

He is experienced in many evidentiary rules and procedures, in techniques for giving effective testimony during cross examination in open court and during depositions, in evidence handling, chain of custody, and more. Pacheco can balance, on one hand, the need to keep the judge happy, while on the other hand, the need to maximize media coverage at the same time.