1980 George Washington University, Dean's List, Political Science
1980 - 2000 Co-Founder, Chairman, PETA
1986 - 1996  Vice President, N.E.A.V.S., Boston Mass.
2000 - Present Founder, President, All American Animals, LLC
2000 - Present Co-Founder, Humane America,
2001 Inducted into the U.S. Animal Rights Hall of Fame
2009 - Present Founder, 600 Million Stray Dogs Need

Sea Shepherd Crewman of the Year

Sea Shepherd

Alex's favorite award prior to starting PETA was "Crew Member of the Year" while crewing aboard the 200 foot ship Sea Shepherd and sailing across the Atlantic Ocean on a search and destroy mission.  The bow of the ship had been reinforced with tons of poured concrete as part of preparations to ram the world's most notorious illegal pirate whaling ship, the Sierra.

Mission accomplished.

A $60 million film is in the works.


Growing Up Pre-Peta

  •  FBI
    • Was twice accepted to work for the F.B.I. towards becoming an FBI Special Agent.
  • Priest
    • Spent one year in the Scholastic Program for Ecclesiastical Students,
    • studying to become a Catholic Priest, living with 3 Priests and 7 Brothers.
  • Hunts
    • Worked in the dangerous business of sabotaging wild animal hunts in England, hunts in which wild stag, elk and other animals would be run down and torn apart alive by packs of hounds and hunters on horseback. 
  • Alaska
    • Worked as a research assistant studying and protecting Humpback whales, off the coast of Alaska surrounded by icebergs onboard a 50 foot research vessel the R.V. Ginjur, funded by the State of Alaska.
    • The whale population in Glacier Bay National Monument had crashed, and the RV Ginjur was charged with finding out why, and how to reverse it.  
  • For fun
    • Worked as an undercover security officer.
    • A life guard and a ski instructor.