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Alex Pacheco has 20 years experience in branding, public relations, advertising, marketing, and promotions. He is experienced in generating media coverage nationally and internationally.

He has extensive experience at producing and organizing standing-room-only news conferences from:

  • Donald Trump's Atlantic City Taj Majal Casino to Australia                    
  • Honolulu to Holland
  • Texas to Taiwan
  • Canada to Costa Rica

Pacheco has conducted countless print and electronic interviews over 20 years, and he is experienced at producing effective news releases, talking points, fact sheets, reports, and more. 

He has performed P.R. work in Australia and New Zealand with Paul and Linda McCartney, for a Paul McCartney concert tour. He was hand picked by Paul McCartney to carry out publicity work in Australia and New Zealand with Paul and Linda McCartney where he handled P.R. for all news conferences before each concert in an effort to promote a cruelty free diet and lifestyle on behalf of Paul McCartney, on part of a world concert tour.

He has successfully arranged and handled media frenzy events in Taiwan with actor Steven Seagal, for the purpose of passing landmark national legislation outlawing cruelty to animals.

Pacheco has prepared for and been interviewed by major media outlets worldwide, such as:

  1. Virtually every major media broadcast outlet from the NBC Nightly News to the Soviet News Agency TASS.
  2. Many articles in publications such as Town & Country Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The L.A. Times, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, Rolling Stone, etc.
  3. Front-page stories in the Washington Post and New York Times to the cover of New Yorker Magazine. 


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