Congressman Charlie Wilson

Father-in-law was one of the most powerful members of Congress.

Congressman Charlie Wilson (D-TX), producer of "the largest military covert operation in history" who rose to power under the tutorship of House Speaker Tip O'Neill; the centerpiece of a 60 Minutes special in which the President of Afghanistan stated Congressman Wilson was the # 1 reason why the Afghan Army was able to deliver an embarrassing and crushing defeat to the invading Russian Red Army, leading to the fall of the Soviet Union.
Pacheco put this inside track to use for the benefit of the helpless. The Congressman and Pacheco's brother and mother were the only guests at the clandestine wedding of Pacheco and the Congressman's daughter.
In 2006 actor and producer Tom Hanks purchased the rights to the book "Charlie Wilson's War" and is making it into a movie in which Hanks will play Congressman Wilson.