H.H.S. Secretary Heckler


Unprecedented action by any H.H.S. Secretary, after Pacheco successfully lobbied Congress to apply political pressure on the H.H.S. to suspend an abusive primate-brain-scrambling laboratory by suspending targeted federal funding.

Covered by virtually all major media outlets.

Additional lobbying led to Secretary Heckler further agreeing to not only change H.H.S. policy, but to overturn orders from the National Institutes of Health and terminate the $15 million brain scrambling experiment which was in it's 12th year at the Ivy League University of Pennsylvania. 
When it comes to Budgets, the H.H.S. has the 3rd largest budget in the world, only the entire U.S. Federal Government and the entire Soviet Union, are larger.

The budget of the U.S. Defense Department is less.