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The Silver Spring Monkeys


Pacheco is internationally known for spearheading The Silver Spring Monkeys case - part of a landmark 15 year battle to rescue a band of high profile primates who had been crippled in laboratory experiments.

Pacheco recruited Republican Congressman Robert Smith of New Hampshire who introduced federal legislation designed to force the federal government to release these mutilated animals; legislation which was co-sponsored by over 200 Members of Congress, though 'killed' each year by Democratic Congressman Henry Waxman of California.

At the same time Pacheco was the central plaintiff in civil litigation against the federal government over custody of the animals, litigation which received hearings before the U.S. Supreme Court - twice - winning one and losing one.

Laboratory experiments on animals began in earnest in the 1950's with thousands upon thousands of laboratories in operation today, employing hundreds of thousands of individual experimenters, using in excess of an estimated 100 million animals annually in experiments that involve killing the animals after they have been experimented upon.  

Pacheco worked undercover in the federally funded Institute for Behavioral Research and for the first time in history, a laboratory was shut down because of cruelty to animals.

Pacheco performed grisly undercover work posing as a research assistant and covertly documenting the suffering of the animals after they had been intentionally crippled.  

He clandestinely brought in medical experts, produced sworn affidavits from those experts, and lobbied Congress to pressure law enforcement officials (over the vehement objections of federal agencies, universities and biomedical associations) to carry out the world's first police raid on a research laboratory because of cruelty, and executing a search and seizure warrant.  

This produced the world's first and only police confiscation of laboratory animals. Followed by the first arrest warrant, criminal trial, and conviction of a research scientist on cruelty charges, spawning a series of front page political and legal events that is credited by many with launching the U.S. animal rights movement.

In the process producing many landmarks such as:
    •    The 1st time an experimenter had ever been arrested for cruelty.
    •    The 1st time an experimenter had ever been prosecuted and convicted of cruelty.
    •    The 1st time a federally funded research grant had ever been terminated because of cruelty.
    •    The 1st time an entire laboratory had been forced to shut down because of cruelty.
    •    The 1st time the rights of laboratory animals were ever argued before the U.S. Supreme Court.

The undercover work, damning photographs and evidence, arrests, confiscation, and multiple criminal and civil trials shook the mammoth multi-billion dollar international biomedical and pharmaceutical industries as never before.


Corporate Campaigns

Some of his most notable accomplishments have been by defying the conventional wisdom by picking fights with multi-billion dollar corporations, and then winning. 
The fights (campaigns) are hard fought, highly publicized, high profile, multi-year, multi-faceted, aggressive, and highly organized efforts to compel the targeted corporations to stop maiming and killing animals, or in some cases, to dramatically improve the living and dying policies in place. 

Typical campaigns require the skillful, carefully choreographed and strategic use of  top flight representatives of approximately 9 fields: 
  • Undercover Investigators
    To catch the targets abusing animals, on film and red handed 
  • The Scientific Community
    To provide scientific evidence and ammunition for Congress to use against the targets
  • The Celebrity Community
    To attract and bring in the Congress and the media4. The national media to attract and bring in the celebrities, the Congress, and the public
  • Members of Congress
    To bring critical pressure on the targets
  • Many loyal, dedicated members and protestors
    To create and apply pressure on Congress
  • Civil Attorneys
    To file high profile law suits against the targets and to defend us against suits by the targets 
  • Criminal Defense Attorneys
    To fight off counter charges filed against our team as a result of pressure from our targets
  • Wealthy Donors
    To donate the funds to pay for it all

Corporations successfully fought in this manner include companies such as:

General the time, the largest corporation in the world with over $100 billion in annual sales.
Mobil Oil.....................oil production equipment killing wildlife worldwide.
Exxon ........................oil production equipment killing wildlife worldwide.
Phillips Petroleum ......oil production equipment killing wildlife worldwide.
Shell Oil .....................oil production equipment killing wildlife worldwide.
Gillette........................$16 billion in annual sales.....killing animals in painful experiments.
Revlon.........................$7 billion in annual sales.......killing animals in painful experiments.
Avon ...........................$5 billion in annual sales.......killing animals in painful experiments.
Benneton.....................killing animals in painful experiments.
L'Oreal ........................killing animals in painful experiments.
Tonka ..........................maiming and killing animals in tests.
Mattel ..........................maiming and killing animals in tests.
Hasbro.........................maiming and killing animals in tests.
Amway.........................maiming and killing animals in tests.
Kenner.........................maiming and killing animals in product tests.
Mary Kay......................maiming and killing animals in product tests.
Versus:  PETA..............$16 million in annual donations

GM - General Motors

A three year high profile international campaign against General Motors, then the largest corporation in the world, to force GM to stop using live animals in car crash tests.
Organizing and holding standing-room-only news conferences in Detroit, D.C., N.Y.C., L.A., London, Paris, and other cities, often a few times in each city, aggressively attacking GM on scientific and humane grounds for their live-animal-car-crash-testing practices.  

Peaceful Civil Disobedience

Training staff and volunteers in effective civil disobedience, carrying out peaceful civil disobedience, as well as high profile demonstrations against GM in many cities many times, as a method of generating public attention on GM's testing practices.


Retaining and directing defense counsel in each jurisdiction as needed.
Extensive strategizing month after month, year after year on how to continue pressuring GM into giving up.
Lobbying Congress to put political pressure on GM.
Constantly strategizing on how to get the national media to produce anti-GM news articles and editorials, not an easy thing to do because of GM's unparalleled advertising budget. 
Organizing the safe burning our own GM cars, in public, to keep the reporters coming and to keep the fight in the news, without injuries or trouble.
Researching U.S. Department of Transportation data, which enabled us to state as a fact that 3 out of the top 5 most deadly cars are all GM cars, while other major car manufacturers no longer used animals at all. GM argued that using live animals in violent crash tests was justified for safety reasons.  

Car Shows: 

Publicly and effectively pressuring GM in front of many VIP's  and reporters during international car shows by planning the careful and diplomatic disruption of the car shows, using a variety of innovative tactics.  


Forcing General Motors to end their practice of violently killing live animals in car crash tests.

Today, not a single car manufacturer in the world uses any animals in crash tests.



Played an active role in the very successful, very high profile campaigns compelling most of the world's major fashion designers to publicly end their use of inhumanely obtained fur on their runways and in their designs:

  • DKNY
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Calvin Klein
  • J. Crew
  • Ann Taylor
  • . . . and many more.

Strangling Wildlife in Hawaii


Pacheco worked undercover during an investigation in the rainforests of uninhabited mountain ranges next to the infamous leper colony on the island of Molokai (and Maui), Hawaii fighting the State of Hawaii and a billion dollar non-profit organization who were using inhumane wire neck snares in attempt to kill all of the wild boars and wild deer inhabiting the islands.

Mission accomplished.


Oil Companies Killing Millions of Birds

Pacheco worked undercover in lengthy, dangerous investigations in the oil fields of Texas, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona. Pacheco produced a campaign against the companies oil giants such as Exxon, Mobil, Phillips Petroleum, and Texaco with the objective of forcing the oil industry into changing their equipment and practices.
Before this, unknown to the rest of the world, these oil giants were using equipment and oil extraction practices which were causing the prolonged and painful deaths of hundreds of thousands if not millions of wild animals not only in Texas, Colorado, Utah, and Texas, but literally world-wide.

Pacheco documented the prolonged deaths of virtually every bird species found in the Midwest, from endangered hawk and owl species to many migrating species.

Mission accomplished.


30,000 Horses Slaughtered until...

Pacheco worked undercover risking life and limb in a lengthy, complicated, and dangerous investigation outside of Waco, Texas; physically pitting himself against scores of cattle ranchers, and the Falls County Sheriff and all his Deputies.  
In the end successfully closing down the largest horse slaughter operation in the world where over 30,000 horses a year were slaughtered, many of them suffering from abuse and inhumane treatment before being slaughtered.

Mission accomplished.


New York University


Actively involved in investigations resulting in penalties levied by the federal government against the New York University. 


University of Pennsylvania


Actively involved in investigations resulting in penalties levied by the federal government against the University of Pennsylvania.


Wright State University


Actively involved in investigations resulting in penalties levied by the federal government against the Wright State University.


Lobbying Federal Agencies

Alex Pacheco has engineered and led numerous high profile, high impact national and international campaigns against and sometimes alongside, various federal, state, and local government agencies - for the ultimate purpose of stopping inhumane practices and reducing the suffering of animals.

Federal entities including:
  • U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration . . . (performs painful, fatal drug tests on live animals)

  • U.S. Department of Justice . . . (is pressured by industry to pursue numerous animal activists)

  • U.S. Department of Defense . . . (kills millions of animals in painful experiments)

  • U.S. Department of Transportation . . . (allows and performs painful fatal experiments on animals)

  • U.S. Department of the Interior . . . (allows the maiming and killing of millions of wild animals)

  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency . . . (performs painful fatal experiments on live animals)

  • U.S. Department of Agriculture . . . (allows painful fatal experiments on millions of live animals, etc.)

  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration . . . (allows painful fatal experiments on millions of live animals)

  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service . . . (promotes the maiming and killing of millions of wild animals)

  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services . . . (sponsors painful fatal tests on millions of animals)

  • National Park Service . . . (allows hunting and trapping in National Parks, etc.)

  • Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms . . . (performs painful, fatal tests on animals)

  • Smithsonian Institution . . . (owns the National Zoo where experiments on animals are performed)

  • National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke . . . (performs painful animal tests)

  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration . . . (authorize painful animal tests)

  • National Science Foundation . . . (funds many painful animal experiments)

  • National Institutes of Health . . . (performs painful animal experiments)

  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration . . . (performed painful animal experiments)

  • International Trade Commission . . . (regulates inhumane trapping and killing of wildlife)

  • Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service . . . (charged by Congress with enforcing the AWA)

  • Federal Bureau of Investigations . . . (are pressured by corporations to pursue some activists)

  • Federal Trade Commission . . . (regulates the businesses responsible for most animal suffering)

  • European Union . . . (not a U.S. agency, regulates inhumane practices inflicted on millions of animals)


Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger

Unprecedented action by any Secretary of Defense, after Pacheco led a successful high profile campaign and lobbied Congress to convince Secretary Weinberger to personally order an immediate change in DOD policy with the permanent termination of the military's long standing practice of shooting -- at point blank range -- tethered live dogs and cats in violent wound experiments. After additional lobbying, the Secretary further ordered the immediate closure of the DOD's Bethesda based Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences wound laboratory all together -- just months after it was built -- and further mandated the full use of painkillers for all other live animals shot in other DOD wound laboratories.
Covered on the front page of the Washington Post and extensively by virtually all major media outlets.

Jesse Helms & Ted Kennedy

Pacheco spearheaded the introduction of high profile landmark federal legislation to force the federal government to release a band of research primates crippled in a federally funded laboratory that had been previously shut down, securing over 200 House Co-Sponsors of the legislation, as well as the signatures of 55 U.S. Senators, ranging from the liberal Senator Ted Kennedy to the conservative Senator Jesse Helms.
This legislation was actively and aggressively opposed and lobbied against by the national biomedical industry, including
  • the American Medical Association,
  • the Association of American Medical Colleges,
  • the U.S. National Institutes of Health,
  • the U.S. Department of Agriculture,
  • the American Psychological Association,
  • . . . and many, many more.

U.S. House of Science Subcommittee

Very active in generating the 2000 oversight hearings by the U.S. House Science Subcommittee on Energy and the Environment for the purpose of reducing the suffering of tens of millions of animals.

Terminating Federal Fur Subsidies

Spearheading the difficult passage of amendments in the House and Senate,ultimately signed by the President, terminating multi-million dollar federal subsidies  to the fur industry -- on the grounds of cruelty.
These subsidies were in their 28th year.
The votes were covered by C-Span.


Thee months after the Nancy Reagan announcement, Pacheco began working undercover in a federally funded research facility less than 10 miles from the White House. He spearheaded a very successful high profile campaign to compel the $13 billion per year U.S. National Institutes of Health to, for the first time in history, terminate a federal research grant which was in its 18th year, on the grounds of cruelty to animals.
He then led the lobbying effort to convince Congress to convince the U.S. Department of Agriculture to, for the first time in history, shut down the laboratory based on violations of federal animal welfare laws.
All of these events were covered by virtually all major media outlets.

Lobbying in Washington



For 20 years Alex directed the congressional lobbying efforts of the world's number one animal advocacy organization. He was responsible for hiring, evaluating, motivating, and directing the work of lobbyists, and organizing political media events and legislative campaigns covering a very wide spectrum of political issues and needs. (1980-2000)


H.H.S. Secretary Heckler


Unprecedented action by any H.H.S. Secretary, after Pacheco successfully lobbied Congress to apply political pressure on the H.H.S. to suspend an abusive primate-brain-scrambling laboratory by suspending targeted federal funding.

Covered by virtually all major media outlets.

Additional lobbying led to Secretary Heckler further agreeing to not only change H.H.S. policy, but to overturn orders from the National Institutes of Health and terminate the $15 million brain scrambling experiment which was in it's 12th year at the Ivy League University of Pennsylvania. 
When it comes to Budgets, the H.H.S. has the 3rd largest budget in the world, only the entire U.S. Federal Government and the entire Soviet Union, are larger.

The budget of the U.S. Defense Department is less. 


U.S. Senator Robert Dole

Raised money for the Presidential Campaign of Senate Majority Leader, pro-animal Senator Bob Dole (R-KS).
Established a few Political Action Committees.
Contributed funds to, and worked on, a number of state and local election and re-election campaigns. 

Congressman Charlie Wilson

Father-in-law was one of the most powerful members of Congress.

Congressman Charlie Wilson (D-TX), producer of "the largest military covert operation in history"

10 Years in Boston


For 10 years (1986-1996) Pacheco directed the congressional lobbying of this $8 million advocacy organization. He was responsible for hiring, evaluating, motivating and directing the work of lobbyists and all lobbying efforts, political media events, legislative communications and political strategy on a large number of political issues such as convincing federal agencies to end their long standing practice of requiring the use of live, fully conscious animals in extremely painful and ultimately fatal "Lethal Dose 50" tests.  


Michael Jackson's Bubbles

Produced popular, standing room only media-generating-lobbying events such as flying in the California based singer Michael Jackson's pet chimpanzee Bubbles, with trainer in tow, to host black tie events on Capital Hill, at the Ritz Carlton, etc., 
Arranged for Bubbles to visit members of Congress personally and bring public attention to pending animal protection legislation.


U.S. Congressman Tom Lantos

Successfully campaigned for the re-election of political leaders such as Congressman Tom Lantos (D-CA), co-founder of the Human Rights Caucus and founder of the Congressional Animal Welfare Caucus. During the Congressman's first re-election campaign the Congressman's staff estimated there were approximately 10,000 registered animal voters in his district, and he brought Pacheco out to campaign full time in the California District to get out the animal vote.
The Congressman went on to win the election by 10,000 votes.

First Lady Barbara Bush


Followed in the footsteps of  Nancy Reagan,  this time making her announcement before the Inauguration Day ceremonies, and this time with much less resistance.


Amending the Federal Animal Welfare Act

Testifying before Congress as the lead witness in oversight hearings by the House Subcommittee on Science, Research and Technology in support of  federal legislation intended to reduce the suffering of  approximately 100 million animals used and killed in experiments annually in the U.S., by amending the federal Animal Welfare Act.

First Lady Nancy Reagan

was one of the first high profile figures to cross paths with Pacheco...

While still in college, he led a successful high profile campaign to convince the First Lady, over her objections, to announce she would not wear fur coats again, because of cruelty to animals -- after she made the mistake of wearing a $12,000 fur coat to the swearing in ceremony of her husband, President Reagan.

Vice President Al Gore

Fierce lobbying of Congress in 1999 to fight against an ill advised Clinton Administration campaign, which was being led by Vice President Al Gore, to change regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency governing the U.S. chemical industry. 
The Vice President wanted thousand of already tested and already approved chemicals to be re-tested, using millions of live animals in very painful, fatal, poisoning tests.
The lobbying went on for years, and was ultimately successful.

Senator Robert Smith (R-NH)

Raised money for and campaigned for pro-animal, conservative hawk Senator Robert Smith (R-NH)of the Senate Environmental Protection and Armed Services Committees.



Alex Pacheco - Steven Segal

Lobbied the Taiwan government with actor Steven Seagal to successfully push through passage of the first and only law in Taiwan outlawing cruelty to animals.

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