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GM - General Motors

A three year high profile international campaign against General Motors, then the largest corporation in the world, to force GM to stop using live animals in car crash tests.
Organizing and holding standing-room-only news conferences in Detroit, D.C., N.Y.C., L.A., London, Paris, and other cities, often a few times in each city, aggressively attacking GM on scientific and humane grounds for their live-animal-car-crash-testing practices.  

Peaceful Civil Disobedience

Training staff and volunteers in effective civil disobedience, carrying out peaceful civil disobedience, as well as high profile demonstrations against GM in many cities many times, as a method of generating public attention on GM's testing practices.


Retaining and directing defense counsel in each jurisdiction as needed.
Extensive strategizing month after month, year after year on how to continue pressuring GM into giving up.
Lobbying Congress to put political pressure on GM.
Constantly strategizing on how to get the national media to produce anti-GM news articles and editorials, not an easy thing to do because of GM's unparalleled advertising budget. 
Organizing the safe burning our own GM cars, in public, to keep the reporters coming and to keep the fight in the news, without injuries or trouble.
Researching U.S. Department of Transportation data, which enabled us to state as a fact that 3 out of the top 5 most deadly cars are all GM cars, while other major car manufacturers no longer used animals at all. GM argued that using live animals in violent crash tests was justified for safety reasons.  

Car Shows: 

Publicly and effectively pressuring GM in front of many VIP's  and reporters during international car shows by planning the careful and diplomatic disruption of the car shows, using a variety of innovative tactics.  


Forcing General Motors to end their practice of violently killing live animals in car crash tests.

Today, not a single car manufacturer in the world uses any animals in crash tests.
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